Turnau Vineyard

Owing to its shareholder Grzegorz Turnau, among others, the Turnau Vineyard has in its seat a hall enabling not only wine tasting but also musical performances. The room is equipped with a classical piano. Live music making, especially using classical instruments, requires good acoustics.

Our task was to design a suitable acoustic adaptation, which would provide the right conditions for acoustic playing as well as for music making with the use of a sound system. Apart from the high demands on the quality of acoustics, our solutions had to refer visually to the natural appearance of the room. In our acoustic modelling we took into account the parameters of the wooden beams and brick walls and supplemented them with the necessary perforated baffles to shape the frequency characteristics of the room.

As a result, the room looks stylish, the music sounds velvety and the wine has a deep bouquet of flavours. This is what this project was all about.


Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz