Szczecin Philharmonic

consultations in the field of acoustics and acoustic measurements of symphonic and chamber halls

Our team was hired by the General Contractor Warbud company to supervise the acoustic quality of the works and to provide consultations regarding acoustics. As a part of specialist supervision we suggested the final construction of acoustic structures visible on the walls of the big concert hall. We regularly visited the construction site and verified the quality of mock-ups and works performed on their basis.

In cooperation with Acoustics Research Laboratory of Wroclaw University of Technology we performed complex acoustic measurements on successive stages of building finishing. Within the framework of the measurements we performed, apart from the standard range of tests in such cases, among others, the measurement of acoustic insulation of skylights installed in the roof over the concert hall. We also conducted measurements with the participation of the audience on the basis of which the final acoustic parameters of the concert hall were determined.

During the measurements we verified

  • the possibility of tuning the acoustics using acoustic banners,
  • distribution of parameters describing acoustics of the interior,
  • the level of acoustic background,
  • acoustic isolation of both concert halls.


Photo: Bartek Barczyk