Sudecka Philharmonic


The investment idea was to significantly increase the number of seats in the auditorium and the space available for musicians on stage. It required a complete redesign of the hall and increasing of its volume. We gave the hall a new shape and proportions using maximally architectural and constructional possibilities of the building. As a result of the reconstruction, the hall gained a completely new look and acoustic qualities typical of classical philharmonic halls.

Acoustics of the hall is optimised for the needs of philharmonic concerts with participation of a large orchestra. Acoustic banners and a system of virtual acoustics make it possible to adjust the acoustics depending on momentary needs, e.g. for concerts using the sound reinforcement system or concerts presenting classical works written for interiors with longer reverberation times than typical for a philharmonic of this size. In addition, such solutions allow for creating during rehearsals the acoustic conditions that will occur when the auditorium is full.


Our team has designed for the new edition of the concert hall of the Sudecka Philharmonic in Walbrzych

  • noise control protection,
  • room acoustics together with tuning systems,
  • stage technology systems (mechanics, stage lighting, sound system).


During the realisation of the renovation we supervised the works and carried out the acoustic tuning procedure using several acoustic measurement sessions.



Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz