M. Karłowicz State Primary and Secondary Music School

The original task we were given was

Ensure that the acoustics in the concert hall of the M. Karłowicz State Music School of the 1st and 2nd degree in Katowice is preserved during the renovation.

The first visit in the hall told us that it will be rather necessary to redefine our actions. Listening sessions and acoustic measurements conducted at the beginning of our work indicated that we should not focus on maintaining the existing acoustic parameters, but rather strive for a completely new definition of the hall’s acoustics.

It is a typical concert hall of a music school and therefore serves for education and performances of soloists and all possible orchestral ensembles, which is connected with different acoustic requirements. The hall is equipped with acoustic banners allowing to adjust the acoustics to the needs of a given rehearsal or concert and to acoustically simulate the presence of listeners in the audience during rehearsals. The stage was designed using the floor typical for philharmonic stages.

For the hall we have designed:

  • individual dispersion systems with a unique design,
  • upper mechanics,
  • stage lighting,
  • sound system.

Performances can be recorded multi-track thanks to connection with a recording studio. Digital signage system apart from its basic function allows for video preview of what is happening inside the hall.


Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz