NOSPR Recording Studio

The National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR) is responsible for the ongoing replenishment of its classical music recording library. This results in the orchestra performing at least one recording or concert broadcast per week.

The seat of the National Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice is in practice a huge recording studio.

The recording installation provides multi-track recording of events taking place in:

  • Great Concert Hall,
  • Chamber Hall,
  • four sectional rehearsal rooms.

Recording, editing, mixing and mastering can be done in one of two dedicated studio control rooms.


One recording director room has a large-format digital recording console. The other control room is equipped with a classic analog recording console. Both recording rooms are equipped with surround sound, a rich set of signal processors (outboard), a computer system for multi-track audio recording/editing(digital audio workstation DAW).

As part of the stage manager system, the studio has voice and video communication with all recording spaces. The studio is equipped with an extensive set of high-class recording microphones, as well as a permanent connection allowing for transmission.

In the concert halls, solutions were prepared to allow for hanging and standing microphones in virtually any location.

The studio complex also has a social space, a technical room where loudspeakers are installed and a voiceover room, which can also be used as an editing room.


For the recording studio of NOSPR we have designed

  • noise control – the studio has full acoustic separation,
  • room acoustics for directors, lector/editing room,
  • recording system (transducers, consoles, auditioning, outboard, DAW, …),
  • stage manager system ensuring voice and video communication,
  • signal installation,
  • technological guidelines for power supply, ventilation, heating/cooling of the studio.



Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz

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