Ventilation noise in Green Towers office building, Wrocław

For the purposes of the investment carried out by Skanska Property Poland, the office and service building Green Towers in Wrocław, Pracownia Akustyczna Kozłowski performed an analysis of ventilation noise coming from devices located on the building roof. On the basis of this acoustic analysis, detailed guidelines were provided to reduce ventilation noise.

Ventilation noise comes from:

  • air handling units,
  • air intakes,
  • exhausts,
  • chilled water units,
  • roof fans.

Twelve surrogate point sources were created with assigned sound power levels in octave bands.

Ventilation noise from adjacent areas, for which restrictions on permissible noise levels (including ventilation noise) are in force, was calculated. The calculations of ventilation noise were performed on the basis of the PN-ISO 9613-2:2002 standard.

The screening resulting from the existence of the attic and the geometry of the sound propagation path source – receiver was taken into account.
Determined ventilation noise levels were presented in octave bands and as a single-number value. The report also provides guidelines for the design of the attic to provide adequate ventilation noise mitigation.

The ventilation noise from the ‘Green Towers’ building does not exceed the permissible values in the vicinity of the project, and there is even an adequate reserve from these requirements.


Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz

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