Karol Szymanowski Primary and Secondary General Music School in Wroclaw

The legendary Wrocław music school, commonly called Łowiecka after the street on which it was located for several decades, moved to new premises in 2014.

The new building houses, among others, an intimate concert hall, a choir/auditorium room, a complex of rehearsal rooms, a recording studio, and a complex of classrooms optimized acoustically for the needs of music education.

To the order of Maćków Pracownia Projektowa we made specialist projects in the following branches: noise control, room acoustics, stage technology, electroacoustics (sound reinforcement, stage manager, recording systems). One of the elements of our activity was the detailed design of the space for the organ, so that it would be possible to move the instrument from its previous location while taking into account all acoustic and technological aspects of the organ.

The basic criterion that was set before our team was to obtain uncompromising acoustic qualities of concert halls, rehearsal rooms and recording studio so that the educational activity of this so meritorious institution could be realized in appropriate conditions.


Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz