Acoustics of GeoMedical Hospital
in Katowice



When designing a hospital, acoustics is a very important element of the investment. Both the investor and the design office UCEES, which invited us to cooperate, were perfectly aware of this.


Authors: UCEES

Architects Marek Szpinda (Chief Designer),

Piotr Uherek, Piotr Czerwiński, Antoni Banaś

Collaboration: Marta Mączka, Michał Woźny, Anna Zgadzaj, Filip Teter, Jakub Nowak, Tomasz Janiec, Michał Przetaczek

Interior design: UCEES

Design: GSBK Construction Office

Jarosław Zdeb, Dorota Szpinda

Installations and external infrastructure: CEGROUP

installations and water-sewer networks. – Piotr Kurzbauer

HVAC installations – Radosław Radziecki

electrical and low current installations – Krzysztof Dębowski

roads – Dominika Woźniak

Medical gases: Gas Engineering

Jarosław Korczak

Medical Technology: Stanisław Niedzielski


General Contractor: Erbud S.A. Kraków Branch
Investor: GEO Development Group

Site area: 22 391,00 m2

Building surface: approx. 4 022,37 m2 (ultimately 7 527,59 m2)

Usable area: approx. 8 982.36 m2 (ultimately 16 503.69 m2)

Total area: approx. 22 924.55 m2 (target: 40 763.36 m2)

Volume: 88 429.11 m3 (target 154 088.22 m2)




Photo: Wojciech Kryński

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