Centennial Hall – Congress Centre

The Centennial Hall Congress Centre in Wrocław was created as a result of reconstruction of a pavilion, which existed next to the hall in its original form. Extension of the building by the audience halls and a thorough change in the layout of rooms increased the functionality of the building. Currently, apart from office, technical and general spaces, the building contains: an auditorium, a multi-purpose hall, four conference rooms, media rooms, a spacious foyer, an observation deck, a restaurant and a bistro.

The task of our team during the creation of the new incarnation of the pavilion at the Centennial Hall was designing and supervising the execution in the following branches: performance technology, sound protection, interior acoustics, general low-current systems, sound system, multimedia, control, stage lighting, stage mechanics.

While creating the concept of acoustic modernization of the Centennial Hall itself and supervising the creation of the multimedia fountain on the pergola we suggested functional and signal connection of these objects to facilitate their functioning during concert, congress and tourist activities.