Acoustic House

Modern architecture is usually a combination of concrete and glass. This trend is also often seen in single-family housing. Fortunately, acoustic comfort is also possible in such a seemingly cold and reverberant room.

In the acoustic house we took care that in the common area of the house, where there are large glazings, concrete external walls and ceramic floor, conversation is comfortable, music is received at the level of the listening room and no unnecessary sounds come from the outside as well as from the neighbouring rooms (garage, children’s room, bathroom).

Moreover, children can play musical instruments in their rooms or listen to their favorite music without disturbing other household members.

To make all of this possible, we have carried out

  • analysis of the required air and impact sound insulation of internal partitions,
  • determination of requirements concerning acoustic insulation of solid part of external partitions and window woodwork,
  • analysis of rooms arrangement,
  • design of interior acoustics adjusted individually to the interior design required by the investors



Photo: Bartosz Hołoszkiewicz



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