storjenie akustyki wnętrz

Why is it worth to perform acoustic tuning?

Acoustic tuning of interiors allows to eliminate the influence of workmanship imperfections on the final effect.

We plan the procedure of acoustic tuning already at the designing stage in order to eliminate the risk of a situation when after the completion of the project it turns out that the acoustic parameters of the interior differ from the assumptions.

Acoustic tuning, practically unnoticeable for the budget of the investment, allows to correct any “deviation” caused by e.g:

finite accuracy of performance,
discrepancy between declared and real acoustic parameters of materials used in practice.

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What does the interior acoustics tuning consist in?

In the description of interior acoustics project we divide the realization of acoustic adaptation into stages, after which detailed acoustic measurements are made.

Comparison of measurement results with the results of computer acoustic modelling allows us to check whether the acoustic effect of works performed so far is consistent with the design assumptions.
Then we issue guidelines for the next stage of room finishing works. Activities repeated in this way:

  1. Measurement,
  2. Comparison with modelling,
  3. Issuing guidelines for further works

allow us to remove any imperfections on an ongoing basis, even before the completion of the project.