audyt akustyczny ekspertyza akustyczna

What kind of acoustic expert opinions do we provide?

We give an opinion on the correctness of solutions adopted in the project documentation. Within the framework of this activity we check if solutions presented in documentation meet requirements specified in regulations, standards, requirements set by the Customer, order, correspondence etc. documents.

We assess obtained acoustic parameters of the object on the basis of acoustic measurements aimed at verifying the correctness of reservations concerning the object quality.

We check whether remedy of the situation is possible and indicate methods of object modernization.


You wonder when you need an acoustic audit:

when you want to make sure that the design service performed for you agrees with your needs,
in a dispute with a dishonest contractor,
when you have a noisy neighbor,
in a resident-developer dispute,
living in an area where noise appeared,
wanting to prove that the facility sold by you meets the acoustic standards in force in Poland.

The following terms, i.e.: acoustic opinion, acoustic expertise, acoustic audit, are used interchangeably and we are willing to undertake each of the above mentioned services.

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Why are acoustic expert opinions created?

Acoustic expert opinions are usually created in situations when there are reservations concerning acoustic parameters of a building, electro-acoustic system, noisy device, noisy neighbors or noise penetration from outside the building.

This is when a dispute usually arises between parties who have different opinions on the evaluation of acoustic parameters of a building. In order to impartially assess what acoustic properties we are dealing with, it is necessary to perform an acoustic audit which will objectively assess the situation.

Acoustic audits are ordered by the parties to such a dispute or by the arbitration institutions.