Acoustic / noise measurements

we perform at different stages of investment realization:

  • acoustic measurements for the purpose of the project – evaluation of ambient noise, ground vibrations, etc,
  • acceptance measurements – verification of the proper execution of acoustic insulation, acoustic adaptation, sound amplification system,
  • acoustic measurements for the needs of inhabitants – we offer acoustic measurements which allow to diagnose the problems in buildings from the secondary market as well as in new apartments. We understand the need for acoustic comfort.

Architectural Acoustics:

We perform acoustical measurements of the following parameters:

  • reverberation time T30,
  • Early decay time EDT,
  • clarity index D50,
  • Clarity index C80,
  • sound strength G,
  • scene support ST,
  • STI speech intelligibility index.

Building Acoustics:


We perform acoustic measurements of the following parameters:

  • Acoustic insulation of internal partitions
    from airborne sounds R’w, DnTw,
  • Acoustic insulation of internal partitions
    sound insulation from impact sounds L’n,
  • Acoustic insulation of external walls.

Noise measurements

We perform the following noise measurements:

  1. Measurement of traffic noise.
  2. Measurement of noise from installations or devices.
  3. Measurement of sound level A in rooms.

The parameters we measure in noise measurements include:

  • The average sound pressure level in the room,
  • Equivalent sound pressure level,
  • Sound level,
  • Maximum sound level,
  • Equivalent sound pressure level.

Sound reinforcement measurement

Sound reinforcement measurements are measurements in which we measure:

  • sound level,
  • sound pressure level,
  • spectrum,
  • uniformity of coverage,
  • speech intelligibility.



Measurements of an acoustic installation


Acoustic installation measurements, are tests during which we measure:

  • symmetry of connections,
  • attenuation,
  • insulation efficiency.