Pracownia Akustyczna Kozłowski provides services related to acoustics and performance technology. We develop technical designs and take measurements. We create expert opinions and conduct tuning of the acoustics of buildings and sound systems. We train those who are interested in acoustics. We supervise the correctness of performance during implementation.

Projakty akustyczne

Acoustic design

Pracownia Akustyczna Kozlowski prepares project documentation – acoustic designs – for public investments carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, as well as for Private Investors. We always analyze needs of the Ordering Party and consult proposed solutions, so that the final acoustic project fully corresponds to the project assumptions, at every stage of investment:

  • counseling and consultations also at the stage of investment preparation
  • functional and spatial program
  • competition project
  • conception
  • construction project
  • detailed design
pomiary akustyczne

Acoustic measurements

We carry out comprehensive acoustic measurements in the field of building acoustics and architectural acoustics. Acoustic and noise measurements carried out are in accordance with current standards. We also provide services of building quality assessment according to BREEAM® and LEED® standards.

The laboratory uses only the highest quality measuring equipment of well-known manufacturers, such as Norsonic, Svantek, Sinus, NTI.

In order to ensure quality of services and accuracy of measurements, measuring devices are regularly calibrated in accredited laboratories. The equipment used meets the requirements of the applicable standards.

audyt akustyczny ekspertyza akustyczna


We perform mainly 3 types of acoustic audits. The first one is the assessment of correctness of solutions accepted in project documentation. Within the framework of this activity we check if solutions presented in documentation meet requirements specified by regulations, standards, set by the customer, order, correspondence.

The second activity which we perform concerns the evaluation of obtained acoustic parameters of an object on the basis of acoustic measurements carried out in order to verify the validity of reservations concerning the quality of an object.

The third type of expertise consists in checking whether the repair of the situation is possible and possibly indicating the methods of modernization of the object.

strojenie akustyczne


Tuning of room acoustics as well as sound reinforcement systems is the third key operation to ensure that the final result is as expected.

Recipe for success:
1. preparation of project documentation
2. regular acoustic supervision
3. tuning

No one imagines that musicians will not tune their instruments before playing, just as we do not allow the thought that the interiors or systems designed by us will not be perfectly tuned before commissioning.

Szkolenia akustyczne


Our trainings are dedicated mainly to designers of the following branches: architects, constructors, sanitary installers, electricians, low-current specialists.

The second group includes representatives of cultural institutions, producers and technicians of concerts and theaters as well as musicians.

The third group of customers trained by us are contractors, developers, property managers, investors, owners of facilities.

The number of trainings conducted by us in the last 10 years is approaching one hundred. We are prepared to adjust the scope and duration of training to individual customer needs.

nadzory akustyczne


We provide author’s supervision and substantive supervision in the field of:

  • sound protection
  • interior acoustics
  • electroacoustic systems
  • multimedia systems
  • stage technology of facilities

We carry out supervision on behalf of public and individual investors, as well as design studios or contract engineers.