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Our main goal is to provide artists and audience with an exceptional acoustic experience, not forgetting about functionality.

Acoustic measurements

PAK performs acoustic and electroacoustic measurements using its own equipment.

We perform: noise measurements, sound insulation measurements, interior acoustics measurements and tuning, sound system measurements and tuning, electroacoustic installation measurements.


What can we do for you?

Acoustic designs

PAK prepares project documentation from scratch – acoustic projects – for public investments carried out in accordance with the Public Procurement Law, as well as for Private Investors.

In case of each acoustic project, we thoroughly analyze needs of the Client, closely consult proposed solutions with the User, so that final project fully corresponds with design assumptions.

The whole team of Pracownia Akustyczna Kozłowski has higher education in acoustics, as well as extensive experience in design and implementation.

Acoustic measurements

We carry out comprehensive acoustic measurements in the field of building acoustics and architectural acoustics. Acoustic and noise measurements carried out are in accordance with current standards. We also provide services of building quality assessment according to BREEAM® and LEED® standards.

The laboratory uses only the highest quality measuring equipment of well-known manufacturers, such as Norsonic, Svantek, Sinus, NTI.

In order to ensure quality of services and accuracy of measurements, measuring devices are regularly calibrated in accredited laboratories. The equipment used meets the requirements of the applicable standards.


Acoustic expertise is a key tool when checking the correctness of objects (rooms, buildings, audio systems, devices).

Unfortunately, owners often realize that the acoustic parameters of objects do not meet their expectations. In such a situation, it is worth starting with preparing an objective acoustic expert opinion, which will assess the actual acoustic quality of the object and will indicate the reasons of this state and present the possibility and methods of repair.



Tuning allows to correct discrepancies between the project and the final result. These discrepancies may result, for example, from the accuracy of workmanship, or differences between the declared and actual acoustic parameters of the materials used. Performing the sequence of actions:
1. measurement
2. comparison with modeling
3. issuing of guidelines for further works

allow to remove possible imperfections on an ongoing basis even before the completion of the project.


The trainings we conduct are dedicated primarily to designers of such industries as architects, designers, sanitary installers, electricians, low-current specialists. The second group includes representatives of cultural institutions, producers and technicians of concerts and theaters as well as musicians. The third group of customers trained by us are contractors, developers, property managers, investors, owners of facilities.

The number of trainings conducted by us in the last 10 years is approaching one hundred. We are prepared to adjust the scope and duration of training to individual customer needs.


We provide substantive supervision of the implementation of acoustics and stage technology. For the needs of investors, design studios or contract engineers we supervise the following branches
– sound protection – acoustic insulation, construction acoustics, noise reduction,
– interior acoustics – acoustic adaptation of rooms, acoustic systems,
– electroacoustic systems – sound reinforcement, recording studio, stage manager, DSO,
– multimedia systems – image presentation, control, multimedia,
– stage technology of facilities – stage lighting, stage mechanics, technological equipment.


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PAK was established in 2004. It is hard to say that this is the beginning of our road, because when we founded the company, we were already mature designers with our own experience and vision. Over the years, more engineers joined us. Thanks to that today we are a harmonious team of professionals creatively looking for the best solutions for our clients.

PAK was created out of passion for good sound. It began with work on sound reinforcement of concerts, studio recordings, creating radio programs ... The next step was designing interior acoustics, sound protection, electroacoustic systems. Then we supplemented our offer with designing technology for performance venues.


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