Acoustic projects

Projekty akustyczne

Pracownia Akustyczna creates acoustic, electroacoustic and stage technology projects in the following specializations:

noise control,

room acoustics,

electroacoustic systems,

stage management systems,

public address systems,

multimedia systems,

stage technology,

stage equipment,

stage lighting,

stage mechanics,

power supply.

Acoustic measurements

Acoustic measurements

Pracownia Akustyczna owns equipment, which enable to take measurements:

noise measurements,

room acoustics measurements,

room acoustics tuning,

sound system measurements,

sound systems tuning,

measurements of the
electroacoustical system wiring.

Acoustic measurements for different stages of investment implementation:

acoustic audit,

acoustic measurements
for the project,

acceptance measurements.



Pracownia Akustyczna conducts supervisions over the execution of acoustics and stage technology of the following specializations:

noise control,

room acoustics,

electroacoustic systems,

multimedia systems,

stage technology.


Pracownia Akustyczna offers the following supervision services:

the author's supervision,

the inspectoral supervision.


PNRSO, Katowice - architectural acoustics and stage technology


NOSPR, Katowice - akustyka budowlana i technologia estradowa

A project developed for the new venue of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice comprehensively covered the concert hall technology, including architectural acoustics.

The project, which covered all of the technological and architectural acoustics issues concerned:

• the development of the guidelines for the architectural acoustics at the construction design stage,

• room acoustics of the acoustic qualified interiors,

• electroacoustic system of the entire building with the multitrack recording system,

• stage management system,

• stage lighting,

• upper and lower stage mechanics with the control system,

• Digital Signage information system for the viewers (agenda).



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